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Windswept Farm Leonbergers

Bill of Sale Contract

Windswept Farm Leonbergers

Bill of Sale and Contract

Puppy Name_______________________________

Date of Birth ______________________________








Terms of Purchase

This contract is designed to protect the puppy, breeder, and purchaser. Breeder guarantees the puppy is a purebred Leonberger. This puppy is in good health at time of sale, has been examined by a vet, and inoculated with first vaccinations. Stool checks have been done and puppy has been treated if needed. Puppy will be microchipped before pick up and AKC Registration will be emailed directly to buyer. All puppies sold with a limited registration, as companions only, with NO BREEDING RIGHTS. This is a spay/neuter contract meaning the purchaser agrees to spay/neuter the puppy by 18 months of age, NO BREEDING. If an accidental breeding occurs, purchaser must notify breeder BEFORE the litter is born for the litter to be considered accidental. The resulting puppies are a product of Windswept Farm bloodlines and as such, are the property of Windswept Farms and cannot be sold without breeder consent. If terms of this contract are broken, purchaser agrees to pay damages in the amount of 30,000 for any unauthorized breeding. 

Purchaser shall assume full responsibility for the mental and physical health of dog including all inoculations and boosters needed. Provide proper diet, exercise, and ensure a sensible weight gain and weight for its size and age. Purchaser will provide adequate socialization, give the dog regular care and vet check-ups when necessary. There are no refunds, a replacement puppy will be provided if terms of Health Guarantee and Purchase Contract are met. Purchaser agrees to notify breeder of change of address or telephone number. Purchaser agrees that if he or she is unable to keep this Leonberger that he or she will notify breeder before selling, giving away, or disposing of in any other way. Buyer understands that by signing this contract the Buyer agrees to adhere to terms and conditions stated herein. The laws of the state of Indiana will govern this contract and venue will be in Dearborn County, State of Indiana, for any dispute or legal action arising under this contract.

Enjoy your new Leonberger puppy. We’re glad you chose Windswept Farm Leonbergers!







Buyer signature____________________________________________

 Please sign and return with health guarantee. Keep a copy for your records.

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